We constantly find our neighbors have more  needs than available resources on hand to assist with the needs.   We ask that you pray about our mission and if so led help us financially to assist the less fortunate. 

3.   Deferred Gifts such as Wills, Trusts, Life Insurance  and planned gifts, stocks,  and other investments may be designated for Tyrand.   If you need help in making your special gift, contact Tyrand or:

The United Methodist Foundation of WV, Inc.
P.O. Box 3811
Charleston, WV  25338-3811

 Phone (304) 342-2113 or toll free at
1-800-788-3746 ext 45

4. Volunteering- If you are local to the area, volunteering your time is just as important and appreciated as monetary donation! 


1.   Donations can be mailed to:

       Tyrand Cooperative Ministries, Inc.

       P.O. Box 365

       ​Mill Creek, WV  26280

​      (304) 335-2788

2.  You can click on the donation link to 

       donate through our PayPal Account.

       All you need is our e-mail which is: